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Size and weight of parcel has 3 types of shipment available; documents, parcels and pallets.

When choosing type upon ordering, it is crucial that the following conditions are met. In case the conditions are not met, there is a risk that the shipment will be rejected or that an additional bill will be sent covering extra costs.



•    When sending a document the envelope must not weigh more than 500 grams or 0.5 kilograms.

•    The envelope must not be bigger than L32 cm x H23 cm.


•    Parcels must not weigh more than 70 kilograms per package.

•    Parcels must not exceed the measurements of L270 cm or 419 cm in total combined length and circuit.

•    Calculation of allowed max length and circuit is: length x2 + width x2 + height.

Parcels that exceed’s limitations of weight and size will not be accepted for transport. Nevertheless if they are found in’s booking system they can be charged a fee for oversizing.


•    When shipping a pallet the max size is L120 cm and W80 cm.

•    If the pallet will be sent by air it must not be more than 55 cm tall.

•    If the pallet will be send by land it must not be more than 200 cm tall.


Volume weight


The pricing on is determined by a calculation of volume weight. Volume calculation is the way the freight business converts volume into weight. To find the volume weight you multiply length, width and height in cm. Thereafter you divide that by 5000. The formula is: volume weight = (LxWxH)/5000.

¨The volume weight will be compared to the actual weight. It will be the largest amount that becomes the calculation basis for the price of your shipment.